Golden Latte

Golden Latte

Bonjour friends, today I bring,
Recipe of a magical yummy yellow drink!
A drink ancient and old.
Which you’ll relish with zing.

In Ayurvedas it is vouched and told.
Rich and yellow, which looks like gold!
Simple and facile it is to make,
Making one strong, healthy and bold.

Pinch of pepper, glass of milk, little turmeric is all you take,
With honey, in tumbler give it a hefty shake!
Serve it with love, either cold or hot!
Isn’t this yellow drink easy to make?

Healthy properties, it has a lot,
Loaded with antioxidants, antiseptic and what not!
A recipe passed from eras bygone,
So why are you waiting, go give it a shot!

* * *

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