Gone: A Stray

Gone: A Stray

Hungry and tired the roads they roam
Born unwanted, no place called home
Bred they were for a human need
They served so well, but now they bleed
What a pain, Shoo! Away!

Crushed under greedy rush of men
They die, they lie, they rot and then
Stinking carcasses gape and stare
At the hell, they escaped back there  
What a pain, that life lived!

Furry scampering feet follow
Scanning hearts, finding them hollow
Kicks to belly, crackers to tails
Starving, tortured, they cry out wails
What a pain, noisy mutts!

In your waste, they scavenge their treats
With wagging tails, tender heartbeats
Pinch of love, with life they repay
Search your heart and ask who’s astray
What a pain, your conscience!
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