Gone with the Sun

Gone with the Sun

A little child, I used to pray, 
I will not study, I will play, 
From early morning to late night,
I wanted dresses new and bright. 
I don’t play anymore. 

In my dreams I was a fairy,
Golden hair and lips like cherry,
With bright blue eyes and fair as snow,
With joy and love my heart would glow.
I don’t dream anymore. 

Like a nightingale I could sing, 
And fly like a bird on the swing. 
Slides and see saw, Mary go round, 
My laughter echoed all around. 
I don’t sing anymore. 

With time I have grown old and gray, 
I find it hard to find my way. 
My hands tremble and my legs shake, 
I sigh with every breath I take, 
I don’t smile anymore.
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