It happened a year ago, with someone I now yearn to see, 
But for so long we have remained across the sea. 
Of what to do, I was at complete loss,
As this by far was my greatest loss.
For a long time, the world was bare. 
And all the pain I felt was more than I could bear. 
For me, moving was really tough. 
Life felt as hard as a big piece of tuff. 
If only, to be, there was another way,
As this decision made my heart weigh.
After a while though, the pain started to wear off. 
And for the first time inside me, happiness turned on rather than off. 
In life I found a new sense of purpose.
I found happiness in things that had no meaning or purpose. 
I realised that no matter how joyous or sad people really are,
You must never forget the people close to you, or who you truly are.


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