Grandma Whispers

Grandma Whispers

Colourful rangoli and incense smell,
Greets and welcomes, where grandma dwells,
Cheerful designs, entice good vibes,
Calling Lakshmi as she happily abides.

Her temple place with Krishna Lord,
Resounds of songs and bells aloud,
Pleas and prayers, are heard and said,
Grace overflows as God consents.

Her mortar pester twang and clangs,
Spices crumbled, and broken bangs,
Sizzling brinjals with seasoned zest,
Dialogue with stomachs, happily fest.

Her artillery oiled and running fast,
Sewing machine needle leads, holes cast,
Frocks and blouses, her magic spreads,
Machine talking, winning hearts ahead.

Grandma’s love and care resonate,
Her action each, a memory create,
Cherish always her possessions all,
Converse they, long after her heartbeat stall.

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