Guiding Star

Guiding Star

When I first took my baby steps
It was you who clapped the hardest
Somehow, I can still visualize
Those wrinkles, that like waves jovial 
Played on your face, so charming.

‘twas you who taught me to read
My first teacher and guide
I still remember those moments
When you held my hand soft, 
And taught me to draw a line first.

You’ve been the cocoon sturdy
That protected me from every harm
With love and care, you nurtured me
Taught me values fundamental, and
Moulded me into a human fine. 

Today, whoever I am
It’s all ‘cause I carry your charm
Dear Grandma! My bestie gorgeous
Hope you’re happy, in Gods’ haven cozy
Here, I cherish our bond, that’s deep and strong.
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