Happy Swishes

Paintbrush in hand
You trudge to the white wall
Pushing the stool, there up you go
I see a moon and stars in the dark sky
A big black tree spreads its fingers
Like a witch with talons
Such Mystery!

A light emerges
In the inky backdrop
Held by a tiny hand in grasp
A shadow of a boy, with hat and coat
Jauntily he walks while he sings
And notes appear on wall
Oh, the Beauty!

I let you shine
In this magical world
A land full of happy swishes
Because art is an outlet to create
A space of such love and wonder
Far off from hate and lies

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Sheetal Ashpalia

With a teenage son and a full time job, writing is what Sheetal enjoys in her spare time apart from singing and reading. She firmly believes that “Something beautiful is about to happen”.

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