Harrey’s Run

Harrey’s Run

His blood boiled as Tipsy, the turtle gave him a contemptuous little laugh and walked away.

“Hey Harrey, you seem upset. What’s the matter?”asked his  grandmother, Rabbey.

“Granny, there are some incidents that etch a history. What my grandpa did also became legendary, “he scoffed.

Rabbey who had understood the matter answered, “Harry, don’t be a critic. Why do you crib about the same incident time and again? To err is natural and we all do.”

Harrey by now had realized his folly. 

“Granny, I am sorry for being judgmental. I just feel frustrated whenever I happen to cross the turtle lane. It seems everyone there mocks me for being his grandson.” 

Seeing Harrey so disheartened, Rabbey also mellowed down. She gave him the carrot pudding and sat next to him.

“Dear, don’t carry rabbit ears else you will suffer always. What happened with my husband can happen to anyone. That day he was very tired, hence he couldn’t help catching a nap. Anyways, we shall try finding a solution.”

Watching Harrey a bit anxious, she continued, “Amm… I guess we can fix it.”

 He was waiting.

“The annual athletic event is due. You can participate and give your best.”

“But granny, you know since that defeat, we left running, leave alone the participation.” cried Harry.

“I know but then you have almost six months for practice. It’s time for us to participate against the over confident turtles and win back our lost pride!”She affirmed.


Harrey had tried persuading his folks but no one dared to agree. No one wished to taste the defeat yet again. Yet, he wanted to give it a try. 

It’s tough but not impossible,” her words reverberated in his ears whenever he felt drained out.


The day had come. 

‘A hare is competing in race after almost two decades!’ had already grabbed the town’s attention. The stadium was jam packed.  

Harrey was relieved to see his granny sitting amidst the audience.

 “The next event is 200 meter race. We have eight participants; seven turtles and one rabbit. Wish you all the luck,” the announcement broke his reverie.

His confidence shattered as he heard Slothy, the turtle jeer him.

“Hey, better you leave else you will sleep again.”The whole gang mocked at him.

One, two, three, Go!

Rabbey had decided to put his all the efforts. 

I won’t let my hard work and my granny’s blessings go in vain.”He was determined. He thought of his grandpa and decided to give his full shot.

“This is amazing. We can’t believe as we have our winner; Harrey, the rabbit wins and his win has brought back the lost glory of his community,” announced the surprised commentator.

“Hey, we were slow and steady yet how did he win the race?” Harrey decided not to pay the attention as he gamboled his way to his granny! 

Author’s note– To be slow and steady is good yet overconfidence is detrimental. A mistake can’t decide your fate.


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