Heart vs. Mind

Heart vs. Mind

I was on my way exploring the deep forest
In the Midst of a rocky path
My heart asked me in an intense tone whom you
Prefer for an advice Me or That Foxy Mind
After a deep thinking, when about to answer 
Mind quickly responded in a angered tone,
Who the hell you think about yourselves
Foolish you are and people fool u always
I am the saviour for him 
I was confused hearing all these conversations
And sat on a rock trying to talk to myself
Then realized that one feels the magic,
Other prefers the Logic
And it’s good to agree that you disagree 
But when Magic combines with logic 
That is the time when ur heart beats her name
And Mind just converts into one frame
Love is hence a magic with a logic


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One thought on “Heart vs. Mind

  1. Love is the logic with magic. I love that line. Indeed it is often said that love is blind. But one does question the fact that if there is no logic in love why is the emotion so strong?

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