Heaven Almighty!

Heaven Almighty!

Heaven Almighty,
My dear, my bestie.
I Thank you
For every hue.
The day is bright
And I’m ready to fight.
My mind is full of zeal,
It’s just that, 
My heart needs to heal.
To unseal.
You’ve blessed me well,
Yet, I feel the swell.
The chirps ring the bell
I gear to create a tale.
Bright and warm
The sun adds to the charm.
I gaze upon the mountains
And bathe in the fountains
To unseal.
Swamps and swarms;
Streams melodies 
Life’s tragedies.
I gaze and wonder
Ponder and wander.
To unseal.
Bending sickles, minds fickle.
Uneven roots,
The sound of the hoofs.
Grey and furry
Life’s story.
Green and blue
The sky and you.
White and grey
The clouds sway.
I watch, to seek.
To unseal, the zeal.
And to make
The self heal.

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