“Look! Just look how she has got her comb colored! That haughty Henelina thinks she is Miss World!!”
The other farm animals and birds were envious of her outspokenness.

Henelina was quick to show off her disdainful swagger as she ambled her way to the farm office. She was the personal secretary to Mr. Goatee who with his small beard and thin figure held all in awe. 

Henelina was popular for her comb color which she loved to change often, matching her high heeled shoes with the same.

Goosamma who was trying her best to put her pitch-black wavy tresses in place while adjusting her starched white cotton saree pleats and pinning her pallu heaved a deep sigh.

“Oh! these fashionistas of today !!” she grumbled insinuating on Henelina” s dressing sense.

“Pride goes before a fall!” echoed Oinky the smelly pig.

“Beauty is only skin deep” said Equs the horse shaking his well-groomed shining dark brown mane. 

Mr. Goatee had called a meeting today and asked all to present their suggestions on increasing sales of poultry.

The mercury was soaring and with no breeze, everyone had started to sweat in the sultry weather. Bottles of lemonade was served with crispy crackers. This was the usual year end meet where the best employee was given an award.

For the last two years consecutively it was Henelina who got it “more for her beauty and flirtatious attitude than her work” as was the rumour in office.

Henelina took out her laptop, opened it with agile adeptness and started her presentation in style. More than the slides it was her accent, her fragrance, her trendy comb color and her slender, long, nimble fingers. Her oomph was oozing out in exuberance when in the midst of a very engaging presentation there was a thud.

Goosamma had fallen as she wasn’t able to take the sun any more. It was in the blink of a second when before anyone could even react. Henelina ran with agility and nimbleness, grabbed a bottle of water, and sprinkled it on Goosamma.

“Goosamma! Goosy darling! Open your eyes!”

“Equs! quick…take her on your back and gallop to the nearest vet…quick….” she was almost authoritative.
Everyone was following her orders as if in a trance both by the sudden fainting of Goosamma and by Henelina’s never seen avatar.

In a flash Goosamma was in the hospital and given first aid by the vet.

He was all praises for the presence of mind and swift decision making of Henelina because of whom a patient’s life could be saved. As Goosamma opened her eyes slowly much to everyone’s relief, she was asking for Henelina. and wanted to thank her for her kind deed.

She announced as if in a lecture hall “How often we judge people wrongly and conclude that beautiful and fashionable people make their way up only because of their beauty.”
Every one nodded in agreement and guilt.

Moral:If you have it -Flaunt it!”

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