Her Strength

Her Strength

She always acted strong
Guarding her emotions
And Her intense feelings
I’m not vulnerable
Carrying this big shield
Like everything is fine

Faking her smile ever
Pushing those cheeks upward
In greeting everyone
Hiding her teary eyes
Restricted and bounded
In cage of emotions

With darkness in childhood
With no hand on her head
She grew up insecured
Amidst anxieties
With a singular goal
support her family

Father’s place was vacant
In her innocent phase
Started having a rage
Became a bit anxious
Resulting soul made of
phobias and hatred

In the Society
Male dominance prevailed
They looked at her puzzled
was rare to see for them
Why there’s no male member
Was the golden question

Collected strength within
Faced everyone around
expressing her heart out
Pointing to her mother
She is my guardian 
And my pillar of strength

Heena Kathuria
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