Him or Him

Him or Him

“Oh! I love this pub. They have the best shots,” I said as I opened the door of the most talked about pub in town, ‘WateringHole’. Friday nights here were totally crazy.  

“Babes, already so ‘J’ of your complexion and height,” said my friend Meera, “And you had to top it off with this sexy LBD. You look so hot. And this new pixie cut of yours, man! it’s fab. You are killing it. No one is going to look at me,” she grumbled good naturedly. 

I laughed away the compliment. I get such compliments all the time. Stares and interested glances too. And free drinks and invites….

Settled and drinks sorted, Meera asked, “Spill it. Why are we here before the others?”

“So I can tell you, that Kabir asked me out?” tongue in cheek I said. 

“Hot dang girl!” she shrieked and leaned forward, “The office stud asked you out? What did you say?”

“I said, I’ll think about it.” 

Saucer eyed Meera said, “Shut up. Why would you say that? You dig him, like totes.”

“I do, but there is another guy,” I whispered.

“What?” she gawked, “Why you sneaky b***h!”

I chuckled, “His name is Param. He lives in my building.”

“Drool worthy?” Meera asked wriggling her eyebrows.

“Hah! Not an Adonis like Kabir, but knowledgeable with a great sense of humor.”

“So, ancient?”

“Meera!” I said sternly, “I like both the guys. Both asked me out. They’re complete opposites. You know, like Captain America and Bruce Banner, leading to my sleepless nights for the past week, you understand,” I said ruefully.

“Ah! ‘tis the reason for thy dark circles,” she laughed. I glared at her. 

“Do you have any wise inputs, or just wisecracks?”

“Well hell, you just told me. But give me all the deets first on this nerdy Param?”

Just as I finished deet-ing her, others trooped in, including Kabir. The rest of the evening was spent drinking, laughing and dancing. A lot of smoldering glances were exchanged with Kabir. It kept things interesting. Tonight, he had my undivided attention. I was enjoying this independent existence working for an IT firm. After twenty-two years of stifling conservatism, I was ready to have some fun.  


“I see you are smiling,” said Meera during our first break in the office, “No Monday blues? Did something happen over the weekend?”

“Yes! I went out with Param on Sunday,” I looked about to make sure no one was eavesdropping, “Gosh! He is so cute. I felt like biting him every time he talked. It was very distracting,” I giggled and she joined in.

“Wow! Friday and Sunday. So which one, stud or nerd? Have you made a decision?”

“I have,” I said smacking her, “No thanks to you.” While she rubbed her arm I continued smugly, “And it’s most ingenious too.”

“Yeah, let’s hear it dude.”

“It is Param
On Sundays 
And Kabir
On Saturdays.”

Here’s to a little naughtiness in life. 


Author’s Note: This fictional piece is meant to be read in a light vein. Neither does this reflect the author’s point of view nor does she endorse/not endorse this lifestyle. People are free to live as they choose.


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