Hitched or Ditched 

Hitched or Ditched 

John was joyful today, he sure was gay
He married Tom, Yes! both were gay.

Holly hitched a sales man selling his ware
Just so her beautiful gown she could wear

Silly Shirley liked the guy in the band
He courted her, but never gave a band.

Enamoured Evan loved the roses’ scent
Gave them to his girl, she gave him a cent.

Old Oscar thought he had caught a ‘Doe’
Scheming bitch! she was after his dough.

Foolish Fay banked upon a face so fair
Tsk! the boozer sold her for a fare

Pretty flowers or what pleases the eye
Bah! not for me, most practical am I 

My rule? On that sappy fool I will bank
Has the fattest balance in the bank.


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