Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

“You know what, do everything that you need to do for others in life, take as much time as you want…and when you are free of all duties and responsibilities when you are free to live a life for yourself, then come back to me. For now, here I am, wishing once again, for the day when it will be just me and you. And I don’t mind waiting. I read somewhere, ‘Love will find a way…’

Hey! I am Leo, and this is my story. Oops! Our story. Me and my Aumia.  

It all began at the fall when Heaven conspired with my fate, and our amity sneaked under the guillotine. An anecdote to tell.

My decision to migrate to the greener meadows dispirited our soul. We loathed it, yet, affirmed. Loaded with duties, I moved to a world, that was far and away from her. All along, I yearned for her presence. For, I loved her. Todavía lo hagoSiempre lo haré. Through every spring and winter, she cosseted me like chromium, and I augmented like a hydro orb. She was an Astragalus membranaceus for a cold me. We defied distance, and dared adverse conditions, for us to be. We travelled with liberated souls, prattled like friends, quarrelled like foes, and unified as if parted for million years. 

Time continued to run at its desired motion until suddenly, my whims initiated a quake. I moved from the trail, driven by delusion. She stayed, while I drifted, with the wicked wind. I became reckless and busy, pursuing the mirage of my own caprice. Nope, Aumia didn’t give up on me. Infact, she strived through my sloppiness and stretched to keep up with a crackpot like me. While the years progressed, the winter of our discontent remained consistent. Yet, love for each shone radiantly, for, no distance could mar our bond. It was during one of those days, when she wrote a letter to me, expressing her thoughts on ‘owning without confining.’ 

And today, Dear Reader, at the inception, I shared an excerpt from that letter, for you to know, that it is her belief, that allured me back, to where I belong. The persuasive moisture of her eyes, the fire on her cheeks, the fervour of her confidence, convinced me, to be homeward bound

With dawning dreams, I followed the trail of those lingering imprints. To surrender; to fortify our tale. Despite the supposed doom, I rejoined. To step into a summer of glee. To embrace and tangle; to tango to the banjo. To muster mulberries and dewberries for our gut, and honey-bags to slake our thirst. To gather the purple flowers; to let its juice, fill our vision first. To swing, till the bells tire from their jingles, and the moon hides blushing, behind the fringes. To mingle, where the sun smiles bright, at a fairy tale garden, on flower beds and rosy cots, with glowworms and fairies. To chortle. 

For, in her, I found an unknown me.  
Todavía lo hago.(Spanish) – I still do.
Siempre lo haré. (Spanish) – I always will.
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