How I Died

How I Died

Slowly, it seeps through the crevices of my soul
Shredding bit by bit, my good-humored sufferance
Severing my statements like a vicious troll
‘Scheming’ called, my naive utterance.

Leaving me baffled, perplexed, and wide-eyed
Losing it all slowly my nectarous self
Lapping the venom, I died
Lastly, generous heart shrinks to vengeful elf.

Envious and spiteful, am fully disguised
Each day hiding under shrouds of semblance
Eager to be accepted as one of the tribes
Exterminating the old to fit in pretense

No, I wasn’t forced to pick toxicity
Now I see, the power to choose was always mine
Nitwitted I shoved my joy and felicity
Nullifying my entity, to forever pine…

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