How I Embraced the Change

How I Embraced the Change

“Finally, someone bought me! Else all anyone would do was scrutinize me and wish I had one’s name” sighed the matte black highly glittered soft velvet dress whilst being bundled up with a few other exquisite plus upmarket items which were known to be Stuart Weitzman wildcat black sandals, Fendi leather satchel and herself being from Dior. 

A sweet ride in the luxurious car made her the happiest she could ever be. She was presently being neatly hung into the cloth rod, which was now her new home. 

“I just can’t get enough of it. It feels like heaven, I love every single member of my new family except for the ones over there,” she said looking at a cupboard filled with old clothes as she talked to the articles bought recently. 

“You don’t want to be introduced to them!” one of them replied with eyes full of disgust.

 “I’m felicitous that Kaira wears me to every event, from family reunion to college festivities,”chuckled the snobbish dress as Kaira removed her from the hanger and started to style it with brand new stilettos plus matching jewellery. 

The euphoric sense of freedom made her think, “I’m and will always be the best bet, and will never be replaced by anything from the cabinet.” 

But her dreams shattered, before she knew she was being stowed into a heavily corrugated cardboard box along with a couple of other glad rags to be kept inside the abandoned cupboard.

“I don’t see any stains blemishing my body nor do I see any faded areas,” wondered the gown in disbelief while surveying herself in incredulity. To add insult to the injury she was notified that her status and bearing was now known to the category of cloth she hated or to be specific, loathed; ‘The Sweatpants’. 

“I wouldn’t be this hurt if the centre was replaced by one of us but her!” she mumbled boiling in rage to the recently bought neon colored jumper. She was puzzled as she saw the grey jogging pants which were drenched in stains now being shifted from the ignored cabinet. 

The dress almost missed her beat as she heard Kiara in glee “At long last I have gotten the chance to wear them” griping the black and white clothes tightly in her hand. “It’s been a while since I kept aside all of these body hugging and discomfited attires furthermore dressed in the cozy and loose-fitting section of my wardrobe.”She continued. 

“This means that occurrences and episodes like these can change my need just like they changed for those items when they were transported from that worn out cupboard straight to carve a space in Kaira’s heart,” realized the bodycon filled with grief.

As the cabinet was shut putting her in the corner, she smiled  believing that one day the doors might open again both to let her out of the cabinet as well as to Kaira’s heart.


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