Humanity’s Child

Humanity’s Child

She was a shy creature. Always hiding behind her mother’s skirts & peeping out of curtains. She could not understand the language of humans. She preferred the company of butterflies, birds and nature to that of children her age. The other children called her slow, even retarded at times. They jeered at her & were rude when she passed by. On a few occasions she had even been pelted with a stray stone or two. But, she was too unmindful to take note of all the cruelty that was directed her way. She had learnt to be content in the world that she knew; the world, which offered her timid self refuge.

But she was timid only around people, around humans. The animals were another matter. The animals spoke a language that her heart understood. She could relate to them in a manner which belied held beliefs. She had a deep and soulful connection with the flora & fauna that abounded her tiny home. She had a place in her heart for all creatures – big & tiny. To her they were her friends, her confidants. She could spend hours with them without fear of being judged. With them she could be “just herself”.

She was most happy when she was with these friends and could often be spotted; a straw hat perched atop her head, puttering around outside her home. She looked the picture of content as she would gently pick up lady bugs from the grass, in the garden of her creation and gently lower them onto twigs (she was scared of a stray step squashing them). She would sit for hours on the grass gently collecting all of God’s creatures who had accidently wandered into man’s path and would gently & painstakingly coax & cajole them to adopt the safer bosom of the shrubs. She would sit on the grass and listen to the birds chirp & would water the flowers so the bees & butterflies would have some food. She would set out the water bowls each day and call out to the birds. And, they would come. Large flocks of finches & robins, a few stray crows & pigeons and many others. When she called out to them in a voice devoid of ill will & malice, singing a song sweet with the depth of her caring; they all flocked to her like homing birds. They jostled & jabbered away for attention, each vying with the others for more share of her time.

She loved all equally. In her, was no prejudice for she embodied the kindest heart.  Even though she did not understand the language of man, she understood the language of humanity. Yes, she was the most humane of them all.


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