Husband Material

Husband Material

I cleaned my apartment and cooked a scrumptious meal. I wanted to impress her with my culinary skills and prove I was good husband material. When the bell rang, I kept the food for reheating. My heart was racing as I rushed to the living room, sprayed some room fresher, dimmed the lights, and put on some romantic music.

“Welcome, my love,” I said and hugged her.

“Wow! Some arrangements you have made! Looks like someone is excited!”

I smiled and asked her to come in. 

“Please make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back.”

I went to the kitchen to get the fruit punch I had made specially for her. I checked on the food and decided to let it heat for another couple of minutes.

“Here is your welcome drink!” I said and handed over the glass to her.

“This is delicious!” She replied.

“Not as much as you,” I replied naughtily.

She blushed. “You haven’t ‘tasted’ me yet!”

“I will, soon!”

She had her drink and sat back. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Why you staring at me?”

“You look so gorgeous,” I said. “The most beautiful woman ever!”

“Really? Trying to flatter me?”

“No, I mean it. Your silky hair, your expressive eyes, your beautiful nose, your mesmerising smile and your perfect body!”

She couldn’t control her blushing.

“That coupled with a caring heart and a pure soul makes you the most beautiful woman ever.”

She walked over to me; I stood up. She hugged me and whispered in my ear, “So, what are we waiting for?”

This was the first time I held her so close, her sweet fragrance was mesmerising. I kissed her on the forehead and on the cheeks. This was the most sensual experience of my life, up until then at least.

“I have a burning desire for you, my love,” I said softly.

“Funny,” she replied. “I can smell your desire burning!”

I held her tight around her waist and leant forward. She leant back, trusting me to not let go.

“We have waited so long for..” I stopped and sniffed.

“That’s odd, I can smell something burning too!”

“I can see smoke of your burning desire too,” she said. “But why is it coming from the kitchen?”

“Oh shit!” I yelled; I remembered I had kept the food for reheating. I dropped her on the couch and ran to a kitchen full of smoke. I covered my nose and mouth, yet I was coughing. I switched off the burner and opened the windows. I checked the utensils to find all the food had burned. She walked into the kitchen after me.

“It seems,” she chuckled, “Now we will be burning in the fire of hunger!”

She couldn’t hold back anymore and burst out laughing. I laughed too; at the mess I had created.

“Let it be,” she said. “We will clear up later and order from Zomato. Now let’s get back to where we were, shall we?”


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