Hypothetical Future

Hypothetical Future

As madness progresses onwards,
Earth became a place for cowards
Hideousness deformed every landscape,
Darkness overshadowed the seascape

Where every weep in the form of rain,
Delves to prosper in the sea of pain
Till the feeling becomes numb and mundane,
The world’s beauty – now smeared with disdain!

Traveled through the catastrophe –
An element that envelopes the sanctuary
In search for traces of humanity,
To rub the whole world off from pity

The wicked system that’s embodied –
Rich becomes richer, poor becomes poorer
Enough to make courage weep each night,
Till it fell to the pit of its deepest slumber

Immoral dug a hole down the mantle,
Surrounded by the tombs of love and peace
Down and underneath the deepest catacomb,
Buried is the only hope for humanity.

Kylie Romanillos
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