I am empowered!

I am empowered!

I travelled so far
And wide, still it evaded,
Every single time,
Then I realised, in me
The tranquility existed!

I searched for it in
People and things, yet nothing
Could satisfy me,
But now I know happiness
Emanates and ends in me!

I expected I would
Receive from others, but it
Never happened, for
Courage cannot be transferred,
It’s generated in me!

I waited for long,
For the magical potion,
That would soon vanish
My sadness, but i was wrong
The magic belongs to me!

I soon realised
How foolish I had been, to
Waste on vain efforts,
The power that would instead
Evolve my own solemn self!

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One thought on “I am empowered!

  1. As always a beautiful poem Anjali.. but I mostly loved the ending line of each stanza… it shows self motivation….it indeed displays that every thing begins and ends from us and in us respectively… a big applause to you dear… awesome

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