I am Strong

I am Strong

“May I….

Shalini was sweating profusely. Her hands were trembling and lips quivering.

Twelve-year-old Shalini rushed inside her home crying.

“Maa, that group of boys from the next building pass comments whenever I am passing by. Please ask Baba to scold them.

“Shh, Shalini, don’t yell, the neighbours will hear. There is no need to tell Baba. There will be a scene and he will not allow you to go out. I have told you hundred times to take care about your clothes. You talk loudly and giggle with your friends. Such behaviour will attract attention always.”

Hey Shalini! What is up, Simran squealed as always 

I must check my mail; I am waiting for a reply from Infinity for the admission confirmation. 

Two days later Shalini was elated to get the email for which she had waited. It was a joyous month, a dream come true to join the reputed technology institute.

“Hi, new batch”, the gum chewing boy’s roving eye made Shalini freeze and nauseated.

Nest day Shalini hurriedly entered the college premises as she was getting late for classes. She was completely unaware of the surrounding. Suddenly she collided into someone. Startled Shalini took some time to realise what happened. She saw the same dishevelled lecherous face. As Shalini stepped backward, he sneered and gave a dirty evil look, No one noticed or even bothered to intervene. Shalini was shaking with anger, but feelings of fear overcame, and she almost ran away.

In the following days, the same boy stalked her on the way to college. 

Shalini started receiving lewd messages and indecent images. She dreaded going to college.

Her assignments were not completed on time.  

Shalini was too scared to confide in her mother. She knew that her mother would blame her for inappropriate behaviour.

Simran was her only confidante

“May I

Shalini gave a startled look at the smart dapper middle-aged man standing before her.

May I share the table with you? 

Shalini looked around. All tables were occupied.She had a good mind to refuse but the man’s gentle demeanour was too good to refuse.

The man ordered a cappuccino for himself and looked around him.

Shalini was sweating profusely. Her hands were trembling and lips quivering.

“Are you okay?” The man asked Shalini.

The concern about her was obvious in his soft tone.

“Er… I she stuttered 

“Here, have some water, he offered here a glass.

Shalini simply broke down.

A week later Shalini came to the cafe all smiles.

“Hello Sir….

The man who shared the table was, Shekhar Sathe, Deputy Commissioner of Police. Simran had informed her uncle about Shalini’s traumatic situation.

Shalini’s classmate who stalked her and sent lewd messages on her mobile phone was given a strict warning and suspended from the college.

Shalini attended a self defence training course conducted by the Police Department.

She now walks confidently with her head held high.
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