I am the Lock, I am the Key

I am the Lock, I am the Key

Raman had planned everything. Today he would finally ask Trisha to marry him.
As Trisha left from office, Raman followed her. 

“Hey Trisha! “
“Hi Raman”
“Come I will drop you.” Raman pointed towards his car.

They were in the middle of the way when Raman said.. “I have something to confess Trisha”.

Trisha asked gently “What is it?”
Raman stopped the car, gathered all his courage, held her hands and said …
“I love you!”

He took deep breath and complemented himself for his success.
Trisha laughed at his gesture. But then her eyes locked his and she said “I love you too”.

“Hey wait, I can’t do this?” Trisha seemed puzzled.

“What can’t you do Trisha?” Raman was concerned.

“I can’t give you any commitment.” Trisha blurted.

“Wait ! What ? Why are you saying this Trisha? Have I done something wrong?” Raman was little nervous.

“It’s not about you Raman. I come from a family where the family’s pride is associated with what a girl does in her life.”  Trisha sounded helpless.

“But it’s your life Trisha. Its you and only you who should take decisions for your life under no pressure of the family, society or me.” Raman was trying to break the wall that was suddenly built between them. 

“You won’t understand it. I need some time. “

“Fine, Keep in touch! I will be waiting for your answer.”

Raman dropped Trisha to her home.

Trisha’s decisions were  dependent on her parent’s happiness though she was standing on her own feet. On one hand she had imagined her whole life with Raman but on the other hand she was afraid of revealing the truth to her parents. She would remember how her parents always told her “Beta we have allowed you for higher studies. Don’t let us down by doing other things”. She knew well what ‘other things’ meant.

All these thoughts were bothering her. That night she could not sleep. After hours, she finally decided that she would talk to her brother as he was her best friend too.

Next morning, Trisha shared her state of heart with her brother. 

“I am in love bhaiya. His name is Raman. He is my colleague. I don’t know how would mom dad react over this news. I am afraid Bhaiya if they would force me to leave my job and marry a stranger”.

Her brother asserted..” you know in this patriarchal society nothing is easy for a woman to do. Whenever you break a barrier, you would be criticised. You just follow your heart. Let you be called a social dropout. But never drop your dreams and desires for anybody. Be that old Trisha who dared to choose a career of her choice. I will always be there for you!”

Her brother had always been her support system and a guide to her confused state.

Trisha realised that she had locked herself in a non existent cell whose keys were always with her. She just has to open the lock. 

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