I Choose…

I Choose…

Mayank stopped and parked the car near the gate of the pre-school. He was here to drop his daughter Gayatri. As he walked in, he saw the notice on the board which read “Masterchef cooking competition for parents” the next day in school. By evening, he had put together a list of ingredients that he needed to carry with him to school tomorrow.


As he walked into the hall where the event would take place, he noticed the curious stares he got from the mummies. He was used to it. He made an interesting dish of pasta with the goodness of vegetables, that most pre-schoolers seemed to enjoy. Naturally, he won the competition.

A group of mummies came up to him and congratulated him on his win. After taking the recipe from him, one of the mummies said casually “Your wife is a very lucky woman! She is never around and you seem to take care of your daughter almost singlehandedly!”. Mayank smiled and replied, “I am the lucky one! Shikha sacrificed 5 years of her career while I had to travel on overseas assignments in the first years of our marriage. She took care of my parents and hers while I was away without a complaint. Today it’s my turn to do so. When she has the chance to go out and move up the corporate ladder, I will not stop her. My job can be done from home too and if I help my wife out, I am not doing anything extraordinary. I choose to be her support, her biggest strength. Gone are the days when all women could do was work tirelessly and thanklessly at home”. All the women in the audience wished that they had such men by their side!


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