I Froze!

I Froze!

I open my eyes, it’s morning. I find myself sitting on a bed in a dimly lit room. 

“Where am I…?”. I notice a strand of my hair hanging loose. I push it back, get up and walk across the room. I find a door, ten-feet tall. It was completely white with grey and purple designs on it.                                                                     
I open it… “Surprise!” a voice yells. Startled, I fall to the ground. I look up to see princess Anna (from the movie Frozen)!

“Anna!?” I exclaimed stunned!

“Heya Sis!” she says.

“Sis? Me? Anna what on earth are you talking about? Anyway, I’m a huge fan! Where’s Elsa?” I stutter.

“Whoa… easy there Els. I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about okay? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” said Anna 

“Thanks for the happy birthday wish. By the way who am I?”

“You’re… Elsa… my sister.” says Anna slowly and a bit confused.

I took a while to recover from that shock. Then I realized if I’m Elsa, I’d have icy powers! 

I stretched my hand and I let out an icy blast. It was real! I was so excited I decided to go outside to try some more! 

“Anna I want to go out but I don’t know the…” I stopped short. I knew it would be odd to tell my ‘sister’ I don’t know the way out of the palace where I ‘lived’ for twenty years! “Umm… Anna lead me out, I’m a still sleepy?”

Anna appeared behind me and lead me outside. I gaped around for some time and had some fun with my powers. 

Just then, “My queen It is time for breakfast.” a royal butler announced.

“Hey sis! We made the breakfast extra grand as it is your birthday!” 

“It is? Okay…”. After breakfast, Anna says she was going to gather some berries and flowers for the celebration and asks me to join her. I follow her through the woods.

While we were gathering berries there was a sudden rustle of leaves. Both turned around to see where the sound was coming from, looked back at each other and  shrugged. Suddenly, many men with big crossbows surrounded us and seized us by our hands.

“No, you don’t” I snap and let my icy powers explode out of my hand. I unlocked Anna’s cuff too and we broke into a run. But, we were no match for the men. They caught up with us and this time they put large metal cuffs on my hand, gagged our mouths with cloth and took us away.

I opened my eyes and found myself in some kind of dungeon. I turned around and saw Anna, I try to tell her something but it only comes out as a muffled groan. I knew we had to speak if we had to come up with a plan. So, I looked at my hands and I tried to explode an icy blast out of it. 

After some struggle, an ice beam starts spilling out of  my hand, one more and another one! BOOM! The ice exploded and released the cuff. I took off the cloth tied to my mouth and released Anna.  I told Anna about my escape plan.

I shattered the door lock and froze the feet of the guards standing right beside the door. Then we rushed out of the dungeon and dodged and froze many legs. When we reached the doors to get out of there, we met Kristoff!

“Kristoff! What are you doing here!? Come on! We have to run!”

“So… it worked?” Kristoff smirked.

“Yeah big time!” replied Anna. 

“What worked?! What are you guys talking about? We have to run!” I yell. 

“Princess can you please ask your sister to unfreeze us now? Our feet are freezing.” one of the men stammered.

“Anna…! What is going on?” I ask. Behind me a party popper bursts and party horn booms! A happy birthday banner drops from the ceiling.

“Happy birthday sis!” says Anna behind me. “So, those men and the dungeon, was all you? ” Anna nodded. 

A man coughed trying to get our attention and pointed at his foot. I raised my hands in the air, unfroze everyone and we partied.  

Then I heard a really familiar voice, “Come on get up, you’re late!” my dad’s annoyed voice said. I opened my eyes and I saw my dad fussing around in my room. I no longer had blonde hair or icy powers. I was dreaming!

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