I Love Myself – But Differently

I Love Myself – But Differently

Ryan always felt low and called himself a loser and good for nothing. His friends tried their best to get him out of this thought but in vain.  Neither did he count his blessings nor loved himself. He did not like the way he looked and always compared himself with others.  Every six months, he shifted from one job to another, but, he failed miserably.  Ryan never tried to understand the reason, instead cursed everyone around him for his failure. Whenever he spoke there was undiluted bitterness in his voice.

Crime shows always influenced him. He wanted to become a detective but ended up with a profession he disliked. 

One evening, Ryan went out with his friends for dinner.  They were all enjoying the evening when suddenly Ryan’s eye fell on a stranger who was sitting two tables away. He also heard something strange. But by the time Ryan could catch up, the stranger had moved towards the door to leave. Ryan rushed to speak to him.  

“Hi, I am Ryan and you”? 

“Do I know you”? Asked the stranger

“No” replied Ryan.  But would like to know about you.

“My name is Aman. Why and what do you want to know about me” Questioned Aman.

“I just heard you talking about philautia,” Said Ryan.

“So what” Aman frowned. 

“I don’t believe in self-love, but, when I heard your conversation I was impressed,” said Ryan. (He felt fate had put him in close proximity to Aman). 

Soon Ryan began enjoying Aman’s company and started believing in philautia. He felt all the more thrilled when he discovered that Aman is into this for the last 5 years and the cops had not yet found out the killer. He started working with Aman and, with every achievement, he loved himself more.

Ryan’s friends noticed this, and they were now curious to know what exactly changed him.  So one day Aamir, Ryan’s best friend followed him and what he saw left him startled and unbelievable. Ryan actually murdered someone.  Aamir quickly fished out his mobile from his pocket and informed the police headquarters.

Inspector Harsh rushed to the spot and arrested Ryan.  But there was no sign of guilt on Ryan’s face. On seeing this the inspector inquired.

“What is making you so happy”?  You have done a crime moron, screamed Harsh.

 “Ryan smiled and said, Inspector, do you love yourself and why”?

“Yes, I do love myself because I contribute to society. Why this stupid question”, asked the inspector in anger.

“Exactly. So do I. I love myself because I am different. I don’t do what others do, said Ryan proudly.

“In what way are you contributing to society,” asked Harsh

“Yeah, I help others to free their painful souls. Freeing them from all the depression and pain they go through. Doesn’t that sound good? God has sent me to help so many people. I love myself for doing such a fantabulous job. Saying this, Ryan patted his back.
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One thought on “I Love Myself – But Differently

  1. This is certainly a different shade of philautia!
    There is a slight jerkiness in the prose plus a basic check on punctuation would have elevated the story.

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