I Love the Cold

I Love the Cold

The winter snow beckons me into her fold
The winter sun seems like real gold
I love the winter and I love the cold
The frozen faces of the young and the old .

The snow-capped mountains and the pines
Appear pristine white and look so divine
Sparkling , glistening and shining bright
Appears the world at dawn and twilight .

The snow makes all things misty and hazy
Good old souls start dozing and turn lazy
People cuddling near makeshift fireplaces
Swarming with lovebirds are the tea spaces .

Somewhere above, the sun feels like waking
The grey clouds vanish and the darkness breaking
The murky skies tear apart
The sun peeps ; now wide awake to dart

There is enchantment all around
Happiness splurging in leaps and bounds
The Earth opens her mouth gulping the sunshine
Basking in the glory is the entire skyline

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