I Still Hope

I believe, life is a beautiful present  
I try to give my best in the present
Usually, it engulfs me in the wee hours  
To make me a slave in the relationship of ours.

Dear ones are fooled by the happy masks
I wear, eerie memories like masque,
celebrating my dead recur, I feel like a hole
I yearn for someone to understand my whole.

The demons play its role very well
That I am convinced to jump into the well 
Suddenly, the wails of my son I hear 
Soon anew life of hope begins here.

Elated and without much ado
I muster courage to bid adieu
I stare right into the demon’s evil eye 
I vow to fight till its defeat for aye.
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Akansha Goenka

Akansha Goenka is a mother of a hyper-active toddler. She loves Reading, Writing, Cooking and travelling. She writes to keep herself busy. She Strives to evolve constantly as a better human.

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