I was a good girl, Mamma

I was a good girl, Mamma

I heeded your advice Mamma, didn’t linger at the prom,
My dress was not short Mamma, the hour not too late,
A push and I was down Mamma, so close I was to home,
Bloodshot eyes and desperate, he was the Devil incarnate.
Death’s angels are beckoning Mamma, they are not willing to wait,
My thighs are a bright crimson, the enfolding darkness a dull haze,
I did nothing wrong Mamma, nothing that you would hate,
Don’t lose him Mamma, unearth him and set him ablaze.
You always taught me to rise each time I fell in my haste,
This time I can’t rise Mamma, the quicksand is too deep,
It’s pulling me under Mamma, I will sink without a trace,
But be proud Mamma, your child didn’t grovel in the dust or plead.
And please don’t cry Mamma, tell daddy to be brave,
And when I die Mamma, write ‘ good girl’ on my grave.

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