I Will Love You

I Will Love You

I will love you…
Till there are no more stars in the empyrean sky
Till the wet kiss of the shivering, passionate night
Finds comfort in the day’s moist, warm embrace

I will yearn for you…
And dream of starry, spangled, glittering nights
Cast in silver, smitten with the dust of dreams
Moaning and rife with passionate encounters

I will look for you…
Long and forever till there is a breath in me
Till my heart continues to tack its fluttering beats
On the transient stars shooting across the inkiness

I will not impose on you…
The undesired, unsought heat of my fiery ardour
That ignites my love as would catalytic ether
Incinerating it in a furnace of unrequited longing

But, I will love you…
Till there is no more a sun in the azure expanse 
Till the warm breath of the sultry, torrid, coy day
Explodes contentedly, satiated by the dark night
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