I will miss you for the rest of life.

Though it is my favorite spring, my heart is just filled with sorrow
It seems life has ended; there is no tomorrow.

No doubt, you were Country’s son,
You left us so early, this is not done.

I remember how, you hugged me to bid goodbye,
Were your promises of ‘togetherness forever’ just a lie?

There you lie in front of me, motionless,
My life is not the same, it’s just a mess.

You made us and the nation so proud
Still ‘My son shall be like me’ echoes that sound.

You sacrificed the life for mother India like a true soldier,
Our son will surely follow you, no matter how much I fear.

God took you away; maybe it was his plan,
Maybe good people are awaited for, even in heaven.


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Pooja Gupta

Pooja Gupta is a clinical microbiologist by profession based in Bathinda, Punjab. Her encounter with the pen is a recent one and since then she became completely addicted to it.

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