Ice Cream

Ice Cream

He rolls the choc-o-mint ice cream
In his entire mouth deliciously-
Slurp! The taste of ambrosia.

There is pure clear ecstasy on the
Eight-year old’s face as the cold particles
Within him do a quick dance.

The summer heat dissipates
And a chocolaty burst of goodness
Explodes wildly within him.

Ice cream-a child’s delight
And the very best friend
Which could bring him out of
The gravest melancholy.

He is enamored by it completely,
Music wafts into his heart and soul
And sends him into a rapture
Of giggling to a crescendo.

Now he takes another bite
With closed eyes, he licks it till
His tongue and mouth are
Almost frozen with joy.

He feels the coolness of December and
In that mouthwatering creamy comfort,
He finds a taste of angelic heaven. 
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