If Only

What if only!
Pink pants, frocks blue in shops,
I could equalise he and she,
He plays with doll, she loves cricket, football,
Equal babysitting for both,
Judgemental if he cooks,
She gives orders,

Smiling around,
Available for all,
Wind my wand and heal up all wounds,
Never allow darkness to overrule,
No water scarcity long trails,
No appointment delays,
No road blockade,

Fresh breezes every day,
Free to cast vote as per my wish,
Pass with degrees rewarded on merits,
Hard work and dedication wins,
Rich poor words so vanish,
What if only!

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Rashi Goel

Dr. Rashi Goel PT, a hand therapist by profession, loves to read, write, travel and capture memories. She has been contributing in various online and offline national and international anthologies and other platforms through her blogs, articles, poems, short stories, etc. She believes one should never stop learning and never underestimate oneself no matter what happens in life.

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One Thought to “If Only”

  1. Usha Goel

    Rashi bahut sunder vichar hain

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