Illusory Promises

Illusory Promises

Solemn promises are often easily made
Some remain unfulfilled, while some are broken 
Silently one reminisces till a few fade 
Sadly, others forever remain unspoken 

Obscurity of these oaths is illusive 
Overwhelms people with mixed emotions 
Oblivious to joy they remain delusive 
One day manifesting in mixed commotions 

Battling the fears of betrayal and chagrin
Barely one copes with failure of fragmented vows 
But a quest to discover hope does begin
Blindly to pursue this if one’s soul allows 

Afraid to get trapped in a labyrinthine web 
And get deceived by some feigned relations 
Alas! These promises like tides that ebb
Are lost completely as muted expectations

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