It was an unusual Monday morning as Arnav woke up from a nightmare. He saw the same girl in his dream, whom he yesterday saw in the market but the dream was quite weird as it was a coffee shop in the backdrop and the girl was wearing a cap, a fur overcoat and a frock which she matched with a pair of boots but he could not see her face, he could recognize her from her attire. It was bizarre that in summer season how can someone wear such warm clothes.

Trying to forget the dream, Arnav moved on with his monotonous routine and in the evening returned home with a bag of vegetables which he bought from the nearby market but to his surprise he did not find the girl, he thought he might find her by the end of the month, as usually people purchase grocery the next month.

So the days passed away and Arnav mused about the girl, the thought was irritating him, he had many questions in mind which he wanted an answer for. He felt like a mouse and became absent-minded at work and was scolded for the same and when he bemoaned the same with his colleagues they said you are weary it seems due to workload.

Finally, much awaited time of the month came, he completed his work on time and left for the supermarket and spent hours searching for the girl but failed. He took a leave from the office just to find the girl. Now it was his steadfastness to find out who she was or maybe he needs some rest.

Arnav tried until the next month but failed. Hence, accepted the fact that he was tired and took a break from the office and rested. During his sleep, he was funked to see the same dream and hence he prepared the sketch of the coffee shop and searched for the same and finally found it. The dream was circadian. It was now his routine to daily visit the coffee shop and search for the girl but failed.

Finally, Arnav decided to meet a psychologist to understand why was this happening to him and the doctor asked since when was that happening and asked for the details of the dream, they had some sessions and finally came to the conclusion that it might be a past event.

He finally recalled the vintage coffee shop where he went with a girl who wore the same dress like the girl in his dream would and finally remembered after some brainstorming, she was Revathi his long lost friend who passed away in her teenagehood. It was her mirage seen by Arnav, as he used to be bereaved after her death, due to high fever(hence was seen in such an attire).

Such is the power of subconscious mind the unseen can be seen through the inward eye. Revathi was like ONCE IN A BLUE MOON SHE WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN.


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