Imperative Separation

Imperative Separation

Her wish for all these years, if she’d separated, the day she met him,
severed the coils of his charm, a poisonous ivy which always needed a trim.
She was young, naive and smitten,
never knew one decision could make her life rotten.
That rose tinted glass has shattered over these years,
bleeding her heart and soul everyday with its pierce.
Tired mind, battered soul, and a numbed heart,
carrying the carcass of this relationship like sheer art.
With each passing day, her tolerance scream,
every fight, every taunt,
every slap, every kick
shattered her each bit of slushy dream.
Then one night her pain and endurance riled up, gave her the strength,
She somehow mustered the courage to save her unborn child, 

ready to go to any length.
Poured the poison in his food which she bought for herself,
gazed at him choking to death while screaming for help.
Finally she is able to end her ordeal, separated his monstrous presence from her life,
Parted with his torments after so long without any strife.

Life has delivered her long-lost wings in the mailbox, once clipped ruthlessly by him,
At last, this separation freed her from the cage while filling her life with peace till brim.

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