Impossible says ‘I M Possible’

Impossible says ‘I M Possible’

It was a dark, stormy night. Rain had just started to pour. Rhea was thinking to call Satish suddenly Renu pranked, “Ah, I think the baby wants to come out now.” Rhea chuckled and started coughing. All she could say was, “Damn it, it’s now, hurry up”. Renu quickly picked up her phone and called Satish. He said he would take another hour as the bad weather has caused traffic jam in his area. Rhea had started experiencing labor pains and she needed an immediate medical attention. Meanwhile their Mom called their Dad who was already in a cab but would take two hours to reach. Renu called up their gyneacologist but she was in between a complicated delivery case. She kept on booking Ola or Uber but the weather captivated them too.

She gathered courage and asked her mom to support Rhea and take her hospital bag. “Let’s go mom, I shall bring the car keys.” Her mom looked confused, “But how can you drive? You don’t even have your license yet!” “Yes Mom. But I have been learning past ten days now, and I am more than confident in driving on my own.” She took the keys and went out. Hearing this, her mom sighed some relief. But inside both of them knew this has to be perfect. Her mom was scared as Renu had just started to learn driving and she couldn’t let anything happen to Rhea and her baby because of the immature behavior of Renu. Rhea’s condition was getting worse.

Renu somehow managed to drive the car and got it exactly at their main gate. It appeared God was expecting a little more from her. The accompanying hailstorm had made their lives even worse. As soon as the car stopped with an abrupt brake, she saw her mom and sis coming towards her. She made them sit comfortably inside and asked them to calm down. All though her way, she kept praying that the car should not stop in between and she should be able to escort them to the hospital safely. She crossed two red lights one she couldn’t see and one she couldn’t follow as she was in a hurry. Her mom couldn’t gather her heartbeats but she kept quiet. Soon they arrived at the hospital and took Rhea inside the maternity ward. The on Duty Gyneac came with a nurse and examined her. “It’s good her contractions have started. Let’s prepare for her delivery.” The nurse followed.

Renu was taken inside and after two hours of wait, the nurse came with the good news. Her mom was so happy that Rhea handled the situation so well even in the absence of Satish and her Dad who were yet to arrive. “I have always underestimated your potentials Rhea but you have proved today that you are a real hero.” They saw the children’s ward where it said, ‘It always seems impossible unless it’s done’.


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