In a Wintering Forest

In a Wintering Forest

Deep in the wintering desolate forest, rests
Under the carpet of leaves, o’er treetop crest
The promising pulse of life patiently beats
Foliage sleeps till season’s retreat
Abiding nature’s behest 

Snowy trees glow white in a milky fest
Mist rises up in swirls, quietly expressed 
Cracks of rimy sorrow tiptoe on leafy pleats 
Deep in the wintering desolate forest,  

Winter sunlight slides on boughs, in nests 
Warming each fibre, each fine veinlet 
 Nourishes life in calm discreet 
And nature blooms in her eternal quest
Of joyous hatching, sprouting, crackling blest 
Deep in the wintering desolate forest
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