In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood

So you wronged me so, you tore me apart
Scathing, your tongue lashed on untamed
Scarring so deep my tender heart
Sorry I did what I did, can’t be blamed

One plus one plus one they’d piled
Over deep old wounds that festered on
Ought I have fought back? I was just a child!
Oh! I rage on now even though you’re gone

No! No! No! I’d clenched and winced
Never you saw the havoc you wrecked
Nincompoop I was, you had me convinced
Now, I’m cold as you’re cold in your coffin bedecked.

Outwardly no mark save twin eyes unsmiling
Obsessing and plotting such vengeful ways
Only if you’d loved me dad.. I’d be your darling…
Older you, older me, better men, better days!

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