Incomplete Without You

Incomplete Without You

Darling, as I stand near your grave 
You had vowed to be by my side 
In this life’s roller-coaster ride 
To hold you tight is what I crave

Gone with you is my glee 
I miss our morning banter 
While sipping the freshly brewed tea 
Now, for me, it is only a liquid 
As you were my sugar 
And your dulcet voice was my elixir 

With you, no longer by my side 
From catastrophe, who will save? 
You knew that I was never brave 
Problems, alone I have to tide 

My love for you will never dwindle 
All I have now is the beautiful memories 
From dawn to dusk, I am alone 
The silence in the home is deafening 
On our kids, I don’t want to be a burden 
I only need you 

Incomplete without you is my life 
All I can say is rest in peace, my darling wife
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