Inner Voice from Kinship Shop

Inner Voice from Kinship Shop

Raised in close knit family with love at its core
Rolled in mirth, magic-moments, camaraderie
Rain, sun, moon equal joyous, bar anything bore
Roiling calm to lusty laughter in peals carefree

Assiduously moon waxes wanes, hours, times slide
Around dad’s sun dial small planets would rejoice
Assured of unfiltered comfort by mother’s side
All experiences, events form inner voice

Savored success, spellbound-moments, stills- for not long
Sinking in sorrow eases with nostalgic thought
Songs, tunes, lyrics of parents, mind’s head strums strong
Showing light in dark, lifting from lows, thinking wrought

Unique wisdom from osmosis, floats to the top
Uber calm is instinct’s passion simmering slow
Useful handy comes guidance from kinship shop
Ubiquitous unity forges glory glow

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