Insane Me

Insane Me

i am too insane to explain,
and you are too normal to understand,
the hurried hugs in unknown ladders of puppy love,
the clumsy caresses to entice a day of remembrance,
tempestuous whole night love making,
wasn’t enough my dear to sustain even decades of devotion and acceptance,
Then why now love must we pretend we are charmed lovers in by-lanes of performance as lovers?
Sobering you with my aching bones and dreams,
even if being criticized for each line of sane dialogues,
Stilted and parked emotions to speak up only on phases of good mood,
Straight and naked symphony of endless true failures,
Reminders on the left overs on the kitchen slab,
The pointed fingers of accusation and loss of trust,

Changing hues of listening intently to listening for sake of listening,
Where did we went wrong?
Let’s sit here and ruminate!
May be we can fall in love again!

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