Because I have seen stars
In their dark multitudes
Wailing in the heavens
I am bereft of sleep
And my eyes fill with tears
Like glittering dewdrops.

I have walked with lions
And sang songs with the owls
Among thousand-year-old
Oaks and sweet sandalwoods
In ancient forests where
Even the shadows glowed.

Someplace in the far east
Golden flames are rising.
All summer long I roamed
The lost and lonely road
A roving pilgrim bound 
To the ends of the earth.

Once, I drifted alone
Across the universe.
The cold comets kept me
Company; they taught me
All that I had to know
Of Time’s veiled mysteries.

Future and Past became
One, and the night stood still.
I gathered the dead stars
One by one in my heart
And the love in my blood
Warmed them to life again.

Year after year, I gaze
At endless empty skies
And I recall the stars
That I brought back to life
Long ago. Suddenly
My eyes go blind from sleep.

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