Because I have seen stars
In their dark multitudes
Wailing in the heavens
I am bereft of sleep
And my eyes fill with tears
Like glittering dewdrops.

I have walked with lions
And sang songs with the owls
Among thousand-year-old
Oaks and sweet sandalwoods
In ancient forests where
Even the shadows glowed.

Someplace in the far east
Golden flames are rising.
All summer long I roamed
The lost and lonely road
A roving pilgrim bound 
To the ends of the earth.

Once, I drifted alone
Across the universe.
The cold comets kept me
Company; they taught me
All that I had to know
Of Time’s veiled mysteries.

Future and Past became
One, and the night stood still.
I gathered the dead stars
One by one in my heart
And the love in my blood
Warmed them to life again.

Year after year, I gaze
At endless empty skies
And I recall the stars
That I brought back to life
Long ago. Suddenly
My eyes go blind from sleep.

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Beryl Zephyr

An occasional writer but a regular thinker, Beryl sometimes fiddles in speculative fiction. He sees both humour and tragedy in everyday events and is extremely concerned with the fate of other creatures trapped in the monstrous march of 21st-century human civilization.

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