Internal Conflict

Internal Conflict

“Why shouldn’t you be made redundant? Give me a good reason.” snapped Cortex.  

He was annoyed with a few Argots, who were tainting the entire Phrase clan.  

Since the inception of mankind, the clan has evolved drastically. From mere pictographs, they emerged as the most powerful tool in communication. But lately, a few profane and street Argots started to venture beyond the lanes of Larynx. They dared to sneak out and slip off the tongue randomly. Many a time, their emergence caused havoc. Thus, Cortex was desperate to terminate them. 

A flippant Argot rolled in, “Oh, c’mon Chief! Times have changed, and casuals are in vogue. Creative art gave birth to us, and we got embraced eventually. The mature noggins are our exclusive clients. Few neophytes can’t do without us, but then, it’s not our fault. Trust me, the Spoken Language Community loves us. Moreover, we stay miles away from the Written Language Society, and never bug the elegant lexis. We became popular ’cause nowadays, noggins choose brevity over elegance.”

“You think so? Oh, you are in an illusion then.” Cortex mocked him sarcastically. “Your gang is trying to take over the power of Speech. I can’t let that happen. Your kind is jeopardizing the elegance of the mainstream lingo. Hence, I am left with no choice. Prove your worth at the assemblage in the Wernicke’s area tomorrow, or be ready to get erased.”

All the Argots got into motion to collect proof. Next morning, they appeared at the Wernicke’s area to validate their appeal. 

“Chief, the Neurotransmitters will preside the presentation on our behalf. Please advise the Blinking Centers to cooperate.” The Argot sounded confident. With the ‘Go’ signal, from the chief, five noggins sprang with their data.”

Evidence #1: A study on language has found that knowing slang improves memory. The slang is a living sample of the fluidity and creativity of a language. 

Evidence #2: Language evolves with time. Learning slangs makes it possible to hold fluent conversations, with people of all generations. 

Evidence #3: Slang is used to create a sense of belonging. If you don’t understand the slang in a language, you are opening yourself up to the chance of major faux pas.

Evidence #4: Slang is a colloquial perversion of a language, suited to common usage, by different groups of people. 

Evidence #5: Learning local slang allows you to better express yourself, which is key in social situations. 

An Argot emerged at a synapse. “Look, we can’t be defined as bad or good. We are a part of the language and can be used effectively or ineffectively. I think we deserve a fair chance to exist.”

Cortex heard it all. He made Wernicke’s area, Angular gyrus and Broca’s area process the conclusion. With the further support of Motor cortex, it was revealed that the Argots weren’t that noxious. They were permitted to flow freely, but their zones were delimited. Amygdala heaved a sigh and Dopamine rushed to share the good news. Thus, Argots prevailed.


Author’s note: This is a fictional story written on a lighter note. Google helped me to extract the evidence but I had to alter them a bit.  

Argot- slang  
Noggin – head


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