Now is the time for our callers requested songs. ‘Tum Mile’ by Kumar Sanu. This request is made by Praneeta and Naveen. What a coincidence the same song that though only by two persons, is it their incomplete love story or a story yet to be written or a story which will remain beautifully incomplete and their heartbeats still in the same rhythm or is it telepathy between two strangers. A thought crossed Praneeta’s and Naveen’s mind is he/she the same about whom I am thinking or maybe a complete stranger, should I ask her/him or I think I should forgo this thought and just enjoy this melodious song which transports me to a different world.

The very next day at college they shared a glance trying to make the other person speak but none took the initiative. As this story is set in the year 1978 where both a boy and a girl were not free-hearted to talk to each other and yes they both were classmates.

Time passed and neither of them tried to break the ice. The annual day was about to take place and there were various competitions to take part in. Praneeta was butter hearted girl and enjoyed singing so she took part in the singing competition and decided to sing her favourite song ‘Tum Mile’. Although it was sung by a male singer, she loved the song so much that she could not stop her from expressing herself. The day arrived, she stood looking over her shoulder and clenched the mic and began. It was the first time in the college that a girl was trying to sing a male song, but everyone was mesmerized by her voice. In case of Naveen something else was on his mind he was already in his Utopia.

A person would be soulless, who would not appreciate her rosebud lips, her eyes as brown as cheetah’s cub eyes with the calmness of a Swan, her hair as soft as the best of best fur in the world. Naveen made the first move and appreciated how like a nightingale she sung the song and resisted himself, but asked: “Was that you who requested the song on the radio the other day?” She instantly agreed and reverted the same question and received the same answer. Thus, greetings turned into small talks and then to conversations and gradually they started requesting and dedicating songs for each other on the radio.

Finally, Naveen decided to confront his feelings to Praneeta and that to with the song through, which it all started, to write a new chapter in their life in which they were going step in together and forever.

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