Introducing Penmancy

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Penmancy is a coven of creative characters who are fascinated with the magic of the pen to weave new worlds with words. We, at #Penmancy, aim at providing a global platform for passionate amateur and aspiring writers to exhibit their work in the form of short stories, novellas, poems, plays, essays, writing tips and everything else related to the art of the written word. We also have a writers’ group, Write.Read.Support.(#WriteReadSupport), where members can exercise their writing skills and abilities by participating in its weekly writing exercises and monthly events and gain feedback, appreciation and criticism from a growing audience of fellow writers and readers.

We believe that writing is not to compete with anyone but with oneself only and that has been the foundation of the community since its inception. We promote the idea of appreciating others’ work and learning from them rather than trying to compete with one another. Our writing events have been participated by a few dedicated members, and the numbers keep growing every month. Their participation, whether through submitting an entry or commenting on a story/poem, is awarded #PenmancyPoints or PPs that can be redeemed against gift vouchers or books later.

Every month we host a 500-word flash fiction writing event called #Quintale, where we have been receiving interesting stories from our growing community of writers. Looking at their enthusiasm, we initiated a prompt-based monthly poetry writing called #PenMuse, this month, for members who are more comfortable with writing poetry than fiction and showcase their talent. By conducting these events, the community aims to increase members’ engagement, improvement in their skills and gain confidence to showcase their work on a global platform.

Our main goal is to create a virtual space where writers and readers support each other and build a wholesome community that cherishes literature. With a presence in all major social media platforms, we are well on our way to becoming the warmest community of writers to provide skill-enhancement and guidance.

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