Introspecting Inner Voice

Introspecting Inner Voice

Mind often travels to far land
To accrue food beyond trite life
And escape death from daily strife
Wistful eyes look for balmy stand. 

Haywire soul sails rudderless in angst ocean, 
Clobber hurdles, traverse undulating terrain. 
A habitual vogue that obliviously penetrates nerves
Leaving dim hope for impunity. 
Knitting a cobweb of consolidated dismal
Disregarding the bohemian aspects of life.

When artistry in you is rife
It enwraps your soul in safe hand. 
Frail yet hours will make you feel grand
And claim victory with tune of fife. 

Edify your recluse and tears into verve
And be the epitome of spark to rule. 
To stoop can be an art to actuate in dare, 
Silence not always signals consent. 
Your sodden lashes will give you a vision engrained, 
With clearer perspectives you regain forte.

Articulate with your self company and savour life at its best, 
The luminous sculptor will guide you when to shine and rest.
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