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Of late, I was experiencing flashes of memories and vivid dreams. My upcoming rally implied that it was imperative to get my act together, lest my opponent suspected that I, Senator Jeremy Storm, had become unstable.

A friend recommended someone who specialized in Past Life Regression. I was incredulous at first, but the practitioner did have a five-star rating. I reasoned that one session wouldn’t do any harm.  And more importantly, it was covered by insurance.

Planet Zworeg

The crowds thronged the Imperial castle to witness the historic trial. Men and their husbands stood on one side, while women and their wives gathered on the other side. The Supreme Commander of Zworeg towered over them on a podium.

“Citizens! As you know, in Zworeg, men marry men, and women wed women. When you wish to extend your bloodline, you approach our genetic labs to engineer babies. We have flourished this way! However, for the first time, someone has dared to upset the natural order of things. A woman has loved a man!”

The crowd mumbled angrily.

“Urgh…our society is being corrupted.”

“Such freaks!”

“The Divine Being we worship is enraged. Look at the dark clouds above!”

Evan and Ada, the accused, lowered their heads.

“Do you accept your crime and agree to therapy?”

“No! I love Evan and nothing will change that!” Ada exclaimed vehemently.

Evan blew her a kiss, defying the threats.

“Life imprisonment it is! To the dungeons!” the Supreme Commander decreed.

The on-lookers clapped as the sobbing couple was taken away. 


The storm thundered, and the skies lashed out. The torrential rain raged on, resulting in floods and unprecedented destruction. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the Imperial castle, electrocuting the Supreme Commander and killing him instantly. The guards fled in fear. The storm destroyed several parts of the castle including the dungeons. 

By some miracle, Evan and Ada survived. They waded through the water and made it to the entrance, their fingers intertwined.  Spectators gasped. 

Had they misinterpreted the Divine Being? Perhaps, acceptance, not abhorrence was the way ahead. 

They got down on their knees.

“Hail King Evan and Queen Ada, the chosen ones!”

Divinity had struck; proving it could transform even rejects into royals.

“Zworeg will recognize every form of love and take pride in choice!” the newly crowned couple announced. 

The citizens looked up at the sky. A huge rainbow had formed above the remnants of the castle, a benediction from the skies.


I woke up startled in the practitioner’s office. 

Was this a past life memory or a prior incarnation? Zworeg! Why was love inverted there? Yet, why did it seem more right than wrong? Is there a right or wrong at all?

I hadn’t found answers, but at least I was asking the right questions. 

UppityState Times

From Storms to Rainbows? 

Senator Jeremy Storm stunned crowds today by declaring his support for the LGBTQ community. His stance will go a long way toward preventing hate crimes.



Past Life Regression is a type of hypnotherapy which takes an individual back to their previous lives by accessing memories and experiences that are hidden in their subconscious mind.

Please note that Jeremy Storm’s friend was Mr. Vasu who discovered in his PLR session that he was a writer named Shyam Singha Roy in his previous birth. Details available on Netflix.


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