It’s all in the Family

It’s all in the Family

This wasn’t the first time that Suryakant Navgraha had been called to solve family discord. His mental anguish and responsibilities never concerned others except the soft-spoken Chandra.
He wondered about the emergency as he climbed the elevator.

Mangala, the strongest, was flexing his muscles and pacing the floor, “Atrocious! I am ashamed to call him my brother. Caught him with my fellow policemen, red-handed!”

Budha, the knowledge source, tried to pacify, “Let us hear him out, maybe he has a medical problem.” He said with stoic calm.

Brihaspati, the spiritual leader, was seething with anger, “This is against all natural inclinations, he is defying our beliefs and values.”

Rahu and Ketu, the mischief masters, had unleashed this secret and were quietly enjoying Chandra’s discomfort.

Shukra, exasperated, hollered, “Unbelievable! What’s wrong in this? I shall stand by my brother… or if he chooses to be a sister!” He declared, gulping down the last drop from his wine tumbler.
“It’s high time, you all accept beliefs, that are against yours.”

Shani, a trouble monger himself, walked away, he knew his opinion was of no importance to the rest. He was a man of dubious repute.

Suryakant looked at Chandra, who continuously altered his shape and size, as nature destined. Resplendent in his beauty and so pure. Chandra looked imploringly at his elder brother, Suryakant.

“Chandra shall live his life as he desires, be it altering shapes, sexuality, or his occasional disappearances. We are a family and shall stand by each other.”

Chandra was exhilarated. His eternal partner in crime, Suryakant had accepted his differences, as his own.

They were of different opinions, yet accepted Suryakant’s declaration, as a rule. Disputes happen in the ‘Navagraha’ family, does it happen in yours?

Don’t worry, it’s all in the family!

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One thought on “It’s all in the Family

  1. Narrative style is catchy. Navagraha concept is a common one but the treatment is unique.

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