It’s Hero Time!

It’s Hero Time!

“Launching the rocket in T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7…“ 

Filled with excitement my heart was going at a million beats per second; I was going to MARS! It was difficult to believe that I was to be the first person to step on the red planet. “T-minus-10, we’ve lift off!”


With that loud bang I was thrown away from my bed into a wall! I sat up from under a pile of wooden boards, flustered, with my hair full of splinters. Sunlight drenched my room including my face which was covered with beads of perspirations.

Looking at my backyard I discerned a figure of a lean, tall person lying down which became clearer as I stood up, it was a boy wearing a green jacket and blue jeans. I rushed downstairs and couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Ben-10; the one and only!

He slowly got up and looked around himself bewildered and perplexed, wait, I was supposed to be going through these emotions… He approached me, saying, “You have my watch”.

“Your what?” I replied in utter confusion.

“My watch, Omnitrix”

I looked towards my right hand and lo behold, there it was on my wrist, an OMNITRIX. “I-… I don’t know how it got there”

“Never mind, the watch has an inbuilt ‘wisdom-sense’. For now, we need to rush.” he said in a weary yet commanding voice, he seemed fatigued and I didn’t question the ‘we’.

Walking out I glanced back at the huge hole in the side of my house, my parents; who were away would definitely kill me. 

“Don’t worry, we’ll get that fixed”

“No doubt there” 

While travelling, Ben told us that we were going to tackle ‘Charmcaster’ who had put a curse on the watch and to break which she needed to be defeated. The view around was breathtaking, a river flew down the hill, the sky cerulean-an empty canvas for my imagination, dense pine trees hugging the mist making the scene ethereal! Somehow, it seemed vaguely familiar. 

We were going at a speed of sixty miles/hour to Charmcaster’s lair. I was nervous, but Ben had faith in the watch choosing me. Soon we reached the entrance, the gates opened themselves, and out came a young girl in her early twenties dressed in purple-pink. She shrieked in laughter on seeing me as if I was some sort of disappointment.

Ben ordered, “Release Gwen.”

“Gwen? Ben-10’s sister? As a hostage?” I was shocked. 

Grinning, Charmcaster replied, “I want the watch, Tennyson. Gwen’s magic wouldn’t let me take it therefore I had to place a curse to attach itself to a weak mortal…”

“Excuse me!” irritated with her arrogance I so wanted to punch her in the face! 

She continued, “… the watch will de-attach itself from its bearer Only when he/she has been bested in a battle with Me.“

 I wanted to protest, but her attitude made me sick and I unleashed Diamond-Head’s powers spewing metal shrapnel at her magic-purse. At the precise moment, Ben landed a swift leg punch before she could apply her sorcery. She was caught off-guard and staggered back; Ben bellowed at me to change myself to Canonbolt to make Charmcaster vulnerable for good five minutes- the window we had to free Gwen!

I obeyed and then changed myself to Swampfire and taking advantage of Charmcaster’s slow reaction pierced the wall behind her with ultra-beams releasing Gwen. Gwen hurled the magic totem towards Charmcaster’s waist breaking her bag-strings and she shrank back in quandary. At the same moment yanking me by collar Ben took Gwen’s hand and rushed out of the den leaving Charmcaster too stunned to react, the triumph wiped out of her face.

We rushed through the woods, over the streams and the moment we reached home, I found the watch back on Ben’s wrist. They both took adieu, though not before a group-embrace! Oh, how I wanted them to stay and was touched to see the same emotion in their green eyes. Before vanishing, Gwen said, “Thank you, Lavya, You indeed are special.” 

Flabbergasted I stood there for a few moments then moved inside the room. A tablet was shining on my table, its screen glowing ‘PRESS B for answers’.  I heeded and found myself staring at an image of myself with my mom, albeit both of us with golden hair and scintillating green eyes!

Mulling over that image, I headed out to my backyard only to realize,

“Who the hell is going to fix that hole!”
Glossary –
It’s Hero Time – Ben’s catchphrase
Ben-10 –  Ben Tennyson, fictional cartoon character
Gwen- Ben’s cousin sister having magical powers.
OmniTrix- The watch which allows the bearer to turn into any of the 10 aliens provided. 
Charmcaster – An evil sorceress and Gwen’s Nemesis
Canonbolt- One of the ten aliens the watch provides. It’s broad shouldered and bulky and its presence sometimes makes Charmcaster’s reflexes slow albeit momentarily. 
Swampfire- Another of Ben 10’s aliens. He can control wildlife and fire.

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